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Communiqués de presse et de la presse Mai 2008 ...

Bio Bidet nominé par la BBC lors du salon Innovation Naidex 2008.

Extract from Geoffrey Lean’s Article from Daily Telegraph October 16th 2010
In for a penny? Not in the Maldives
You will have heard about the sun and sea, the coral reefs and the turquoise-ringed atolls, but no tour of the Maldives should omit a visit to the gents in the foyer of the Holiday Inn in the capital Male.
It is computerised. First you set the temperature of the seat. Afterwards you can order a jet of water for “cleansing”, fix its temperature, pressure and precise targeting, decide whether you want it to “oscillate” and finally produce a blast of air for “drying”. Last but not least, you can press a button marked “power deodoriser”.
Note: This bidet toilet seat is typical of the millions installed in Japan and many other countries.
The article describe very well the experience of a new user absolutely convinced of the benefits of the bidet toilet seat after only one trial!

“I used Environmental Bidet for the first time in my life. It only took a few tries to get hooked on it, now I can't live without it!” - T.Moon

“I've had a haemorrhoid, and Environmental Bidet changed my life. Thank you” - P.Smith

“Just wanted to let you know that Environmental Bidet was by far the simplest installation of a plumbing fixture I've ever dealt with.” - A.Benstead

”Exactly what I wanted.” - S.Gordon

“Such an easy installation. Took me only 6 minutes to install Environmental Bidet” - T.Fowler

“I currently own the BB-1000, it has given me a feeling of personal hygiene confidence that is hard to explain.” - B.Carter

“Bio Bidet is a great space saver” - E.Vickers

“I stayed at a luxury hotel in the Far East and experienced a bidet toilet seat for the first time. I was so glad that Envionmental Bidet is now available in UK and did not hesitate to get one.” - A.Milner

“I have a degenerative joint condition, my mobility is extremely limited but with Environmental Bidet I can clean myself. My self-esteem has rocketed”. - K.Terry